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Bourne fanart + fanfiction respects / commendation ...

At the moment I`m on a short break of study, so I use my time to read a lot of fanfictions -->(Ohhh I love that and there are so many incredible amazing writers in the world).
Also I make some fanarts -->(It`s not special, but I try and I don`t give up the hope, that I know how my programs works finally, too *lol*).

This are some fanarts I posted in the bourne_nicky community.


More fanart: The first one is a re-fixed version. In that I used some sentences from a fanfiction with the name "Heatwave" from scoob2222. The fanfic inspired me so much that I can`t help myself and I had to make a fanart. *lol* Thank you so much scoob2222 :) Then my thanks goes to aurelianne for her help with the language. :) I hope it`s right now.
The second is ... the second fanart. *lol* And then there are a various of one main fanart. I can`t decide which pic of Jason is the best so...  I have to say as well, that I have a problem to choose good lyric or words, so please don`t blame me, but if someone have a suggestion, I would be really grateful. :)

Enjoy ...
But you know, if you take something:

Credit is a must!
NO hotlinking & NO altering!


I own only my drawings.
I don`t own the other pictures (they are © to their respective owners), characters, actors etc., they are not mine.

NO profit motivation & NO copyright infringement is intended!

I use the things only to have some fun, so don`t blame me...please.
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