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Nicky&Jason manip ... a Kiss ;)

This is the other Nicky&Jason manip. (a brighter and a darker version, because I could not decide)

This manip is especially for the people, who write so awesome fanfictions and make so awesome music vids for this couple. :) It keeps me alive. *lol*

But I hope you all enjoy this. :)

PS: As I said before, there will be icons of this and some other ones too in the future.


But you know, if you take it:

Credit is a must!
NO hotlinking & NO altering!
Tags: character: jason bourne, character: nicolette "nicky" parsons, fanart-respects, fanart: [my fanart], fanart: icons [my icons], fandom: bourne, fanfiction [reading], livejournal: public, ship: nicolette "nicky" & jason, ships

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