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Bourne: Nicky&Jason fanfiction respect / commendation and fanartpresent ...


Yeah, long no FF- or Fanartrec, but now I have a Fanfiction Rec and something more. *cheers*! ;D
It is a recommendation for the Bourne fandom again for the Nicky & Jason ship.
The story is called "Bourne Again" and it was written by thrownhammer.

This is the story summarization from the author:
COMPLETED Odd chapters are Nicky's perspective about her introduction to the program. Originally she was trained as an asset, only to later be reassigned after 9/11. EVEN are in the present and follow Bourne as he puts the last few pieces of the puzzle together. In his search for the lynchpin to fold up the whole operation if it went south, he learns to hate truth more than lies.
The story has 25 chapters, the rating is Mature and the story is already completed :D , what sadly offer not many Bourne ffs.
I think it is a Alternate Universe ff, but don't let that be scare you away, if you don't like AU ff's. Because then maybe I would say, what would be the fun in fanfiction? ;) All what I want is, give it a chance!
I can only recommend this Bourne ff. It is absolutly BRILLIANT written in every aspect and I enjoyed and love this story so so much.
Just wonderful fantastic entertaining!!! :D

Please leave the writer some love, READ Bourne Again and REVIEW!!!
Because it deserves so much, much more reviews. I still can't believe, why the count of reviews is really not more.

I made fanart for it, so this time it is especially dedicated to now my friend thrownhammer, who wrote the ff and who gave me a so awesome Christmas present ;) and no it was not "Bourne Again"... *lol*
Anyway I just wanted with the fanart-present to give something back. ;D

WARNING: The first version of the fanart has SPECIFIC SPOILERS (so it is under a spoilertag) !!!

[Spoiler (click to open)]

The icon with SPOILER

But to be save I made a version, which could be see as mainly Spoilerfree for the ff. That is this fanart present version 2:

Icon Alternate icon

If someone take something:
=> Comment, because = ♥! => Credit is a MUST! => NO HOTLINKING! => NO ALTERING! => NO STEALING! => DON'T POST IT ELSEWHERE, except Livejournal (but you can ask me & maybe I say yes)!
=> ENJOY !!!

I hope you thrownhammer, at least like your little Christmas present a bit, maybe some others too and I hope you get much more reviews for your fanfiction. :)

I don`t own the pictures (they are © to their respective owners), characters, actors, plot etc., they are not mine.
NO profit motivation & NO copyright infringement is intended!
I use the things only to have some fun, so don`t blame me...please.

I will post the credit links soon!
Tags: character: jason bourne, character: nicolette "nicky" parsons, fanart: [my fanart], fanart: icons [my icons], fandom: bourne, fanfiction-recommendation, livejournal: public, movies, personal: friends, ship: nicolette "nicky" & jason

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