April 17th, 2012

Bourne: Nicky&Jason-heart

Question: Bourne Fandom - fanfiction ...

Why are on www.fanfiction.net ( http://www.fanfiction.net/movie/Bourne_series/10/0/0/1/0/67073/67081/0/0/1/ ) now only 11 13 Jason Bourne & Nicky Parsons ff's??? 

Did I miss something??? Why are so many ff's not online anymore? I hope somebody know something.

Thanks in advance for a explanation, because I have no clue. :(
And yay for a new trailer/movie of the series, even if Matt Damon's Jason Bourne is not in it this time.
(even if I secretly still hope, that he is in the end ;) *lol*

I think I have a clue now. At least I hope that is the reason...
I think the criteria for the filtrating are others now and not all writers have changed it so that it is compatible. :/

Or maybe the reason is stories were deleted, because of the rating, but I hope, that is really not the reason. :(

Anyway none the less, if someone else know something, then please tell me and let me know, too. 
I would really appreciate it!