June 28th, 2010

misc: Fanart Commendation

Fanart recommendation / respect ...

Today there is no fanfiction, but a fanart recommendation in the form of a video. It is something for all Jason Bourne & Nicky Parsons lovers out there.

Yeah now I know, I can not make it every month, but I hope at least every 2 months...

So the June 2010 recommendation  goes to Lattelady6 with her
Jason/Nicky fanvideo - "The Part Where You Let Go"

I can already say, it will not be the last Bourne video, which I recommend *lol* but this video was and is one of my favs.
Anyway lattelady6 put it online Dezember 2007, so I'm sure many already watched it. But if somebody did not watch it till now and loves this couple then take ca. 4 minutes of your time and watch it. It has a surprising soothing atmosphere and is wonderful edited.
You see, you have not to go to youtube now to watch it, but if you go there
Link leave  her some love and comment.
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