Frust-sheep (frust_sheep) wrote,

SHIPS ... little selection in no particular order ! ( from the PAST, but never forgotten )

by frust_sheepby frust-sheep


Credit for icons:

ship: Tru Calling-Tru & Jack - made by frust_sheep
ship: Fringe-Olivia & Peter - made by fullhouse_10
ship: Fringe-AltOlivia & AltLincoln - made by frust_sheep
ship: Fringe-AltOlivia & Lincoln - made by frust_sheep

ship: Doctor Who-Doctor & Rose - mady by 04nbod
ship: Sex and the City-Carrie & John James / Mr. Big - made by cristofle
ship: CSI Miami-Calleigh & Eric - made by art_capella
ship: Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Buffy & Spike - made by betweenthewoods
ship: CSI-Sara & Grissom - made by untapdtreasure
ship: Torchwood-Gwen & Jack - made by indiexicons
ship: Emergency Room-Lucy & Carter - made by Eline_K @ fanpop
ship: Gilmore Girls-Rory & Jess made by ? but submitted to fanpop by rorymariano
ship: Lie To Me-Lightman & Foster - made by angiescully
ship: CSI New York-Angell & Flack - made by hiru_no_tsuki

ship: Emergency Room-Carol & Doug - made by brisync @ content_icons
ship: X Files-Scully & Mulder - made by murderdetective
ship: Roswell-Maria & Michael - made by frontier_design
ship: Grey's Anatomy- Izzie & Alex - made by brulianbaby
ship: Grey's Anatomy-Addison & Mark - made by agzee
ship: How I Met Your Mother-Robin & Barney
- made by babyara
ship: True Blood-Sookie & Eric - made by ru_upics
ship: True Blood-Pam & Eric - made by truebloodv3
ship: Nikita-Alexandra & Seymour - made by frust_sheep
ship: Nikita-Nikita & Michael - made by frust_sheep
ship: Alias-Sydney & Vaughn - made by patty22 @ sydvaughnfans
ship: NCIS- Ziva & Tony - made by tonyziva1234 @ fanpop

Current Ships especially:

ship: Alyssa & James-The End Of The Fucking World
ship: Angela & Elliot-Mr. Robot
ship: Astrid & Max-Homeland
ship: Belle/Lacey & Rumpelstiltskin/Gold-Once Upon A Time
ship: Bobbi & Hunter-Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
ship: Bonnie & Kai/Malachai-The Vampire Diaries
ship: Caroline & Stefan-The Vampire Diaries
ship: Carrie & Quinn-Homeland
ship: Chloe & Lucifer-Lucifer
ship: Elena & Damon-The Vampire Diaries
ship: Nadezhda "Elizabeth" & Mikhail/Mischa "Philip"-The Americans
ship: Emma & Jefferson/Mad hatter-Once Upon A Time
ship: Fara & Max-Homeland
ship: Felicity & Oliver-Arrow
ship: Jemma & Fitz-Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
ship: Jessica „Jess“ & Nicholas "Nick“-New Girl
ship: Joan & Sherlock-Elementary
ship: Juliana & Joe-The Man In The High Castle
ship: June & Nick-The Handmaid's Tale
ship: Liv & Tyler-The Vampire Diaries
ship: Liv & Lowell-iZombie
ship: Melinda & Phil-Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
ship: Olivia & Fitzgerald-Scandal
ship: Penny & Sheldon-The Big Bang Theory
ship: Rachel "Rae" & Finn-My Mad Fat Diary
ship: Red ridinghood/Ruby & Victor/Whale-Once Upon A Time
ship: Sansa & Petyr-Game Of Thrones
ship: Sarah & Paul-Orphan Black
ship: Simmons & Fitz-Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
ship: Skye/Daisy & Ward-Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
ship: Vanya "Number 7" & Five "Number 5"-The Umbrella Academy
ship: Veronica & Logan-Veronica Mars
ship: Virginia & William-Masters of Sex

ship: Alma & Dylan-Now You See Me Movies
ship: Ariadne & Arthur-Inception
ship: Alice & Jasper-Twilight Movies
ship: Cecilia & Robbie-Atonement
ship: Ginny & Draco-Harry Potter Movies
ship: Henley & J. Daniel-Now You See Me Movies
ship: Ilsa & Ethan-Mission Impossible Movies
ship: Kitty/Shadowcat & John/Pyro- X Men Movies
ship: Lula & Jack-Now You See Me Movies
ship: Madolyn & William "Billy"-The Departed
ship: Marta & Aaron-Bourne Movies
ship: Mary & John-Equilibrium
ship: Nicolette "Nicky" & Jason-Bourne Movies
ship: Pauline & Miles-Mr. Morgan's Last Love
ship: Rey & Ben/Kylo Ren-Star Wars
ship: Rogue & Wolverine-X Men Movies
ship: Rosalie & Emmett-Twilight Movies
ship: Veronica & Logan-Veronica Mars ;D

Tags: fandom, fandom: agents of s.h.i.e.l.d., fandom: alias, fandom: arrow, fandom: atonement, fandom: bourne, fandom: buffy, fandom: castle, fandom: csi, fandom: csi mia, fandom: csi ny, fandom: doctor who, fandom: elementary, fandom: emergency room, fandom: equilibrium, fandom: fringe, fandom: game of thrones, fandom: gilmore girls, fandom: grey's anatomy, fandom: harry potter, fandom: homeland, fandom: how i met your mother, fandom: inception, fandom: izombie, fandom: lie to me, fandom: lucifer, fandom: masters of sex, fandom: mission impossible, fandom: mr. morgan's last love, fandom: mr. robot, fandom: my mad fat diary, fandom: ncis, fandom: new girl, fandom: nikita, fandom: now you see me, fandom: once upon a time, fandom: orphan black, fandom: roswell, fandom: scandal, fandom: sex and the city, fandom: star wars, fandom: the americans, fandom: the big bang theory, fandom: the departed, fandom: the end of the fucking world, fandom: the handmaid's tale, fandom: the man in the high castle, fandom: the umbrella academy, fandom: the vampire diaries, fandom: torchwood, fandom: tru calling, fandom: true blood, fandom: twilight, fandom: veronica mars, fandom: x-files, fandom: x-men, fandoms, ship: addison & mark, ship: alex & birkhoff, ship: alice & jasper, ship: alma & dylan, ship: altolivia & altlincoln, ship: altolivia & lincoln, ship: alyssa & james, ship: angela & elliot, ship: angell & flack, ship: astrid & max, ship: beckett & castle, ship: belle/lacey & rumpelstiltskin/gold, ship: bonnie & malachai/kai, ship: buffy & spike, ship: calleigh & eric, ship: carol & doug, ship: caroline & stefan, ship: carrie & john james "mr. big", ship: carrie & quinn, ship: cecilia & robbie, ship: chloe & lucifer, ship: elena & damon, ship: emma & jefferson/mad hatter, ship: fara & max, ship: felicity & oliver, ship: foster & lightman, ship: ginny & draco, ship: gwen & jack, ship: henley & j.daniel, ship: ilsa & ethan, ship: izzie & alex, ship: jemma & fitz, ship: jessica „jess“ & nicholas „nick“, ship: joan & sherlock, ship: juliana & joe, ship: june & nick, ship: kitty/shadowcat & john/pyro, ship: liv & lowell, ship: liv & tyler, ship: lucy & carter, ship: lula & jack, ship: madolyn & william "billy", ship: maria & michael, ship: marta & aaron, ship: mary & john, ship: melinda & phil, ship: nadezhda/elizabeth & philip/mikhai, ship: nicolette "nicky" & jason, ship: olivia & fitzgerald, ship: olivia & peter, ship: pauline & miles, ship: penny & sheldon, ship: rachel "rae" & finn, ship: red ridinghood/ruby & victor/whale, ship: rey & ben/kylo ren, ship: robin & barney, ship: rogue & wolverine, ship: rory & jess, ship: rosalie & emmett, ship: rose & the doctor, ship: sansa & petyr, ship: sara & grissom, ship: sarah & paul, ship: scully & mulder, ship: simmons & fitz, ship: skye & ward, ship: sydney & vaughn, ship: tru & jack, ship: vanya "number 7" & five "number 5", ship: veronica & logan, ship: virginia & william "bill", ship: ziva & tony, ships

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