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Fanfiction or fanart recommendation / respects ...

I have to make a Fanfiction commendation, which I already wanted to make for so long. So now I did it...finally! :D

From now on I will make one fanfiction recommendation every 2 months of a story, which is already complete, which I loved/love and which I highly commend and treasure. Also I will always quote the summary, which already the author wrote, because who could summarize it better than the writer. Right?
Ok, fanfiction or fanart recommendation!!! ;)
Anyway these recs entry's will be public, so that many reader's and people can stumble on it.

So let's begin:

The fanfiction recommendation for April 2010 goes to:
Kirmit & Calin-Durus with "One More Shot"

Summary: They thought their relationship started with a one night stand, but the more they learn the more the past is revieled. When it shows that Fate may be involved, will Alice and Jasper give it One More Shot?

I know that many people in the Twilight Fandom already read this amazing story "One More Shot" from Kirmit & Calin-Durus, but I have to recommend it and I can already announce that this will not be the only story from them, which I will recommend. Oh and don't let confuse you, if I commend them then I will say Alsper, because that is also their writer identity. So this already say's, who amazing these two ladies are and how amazing they can write. I guess under Alice & Jasper lovers has the story "One More Shot" already epic traits/sides. :D At least for me it has. It was my first Twilight Alice & Jasper AU/AH story, which I read and which I loved. This story blew me away. Their stories are always well-thought out & the plot is always interesting. Romance, passion, lots of hotness ;), drama and humour is guaranted & their writing is fabulous. Every chapter was/is a enjoyment. I could not help myself, I read the first chapter and then I could not stop. I had to read every chapter & I laughed, enjoyed, suffered & cried with the characters. So emotional was/is their writing. These 2 writer's Kirmit & Calin-Durus made an amazing job to give Alice Brandon & Jasper Hale a being without the whole vampire-stuff and this was/is really refreshing. At least for me it was refreshing :D and it made, that I love & still love this whole Twilight fandom and did not left it a moment later. Anyway all who did not read it already and love Alice & Jasper of Twilight, I highly recommend this amazing piece of fanfiction!

You can find their story "ONE MORE SHOT", if you klick:

So HAPPY READING people and believe me, you will not regret it! :)

I HAVE TO EDIT: No, not every 2 months. Well, I think for me it is better not to make promises anymore, because sadly I can't keep them ... Sorry!
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